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When you send an email/application for a booth at the Carnival of Ink it needs to include ALL INFORMATION:
Booth name, contact information, studio name and a link to a website or social media site for promotional purposes. You will also be asked to provide examples of some of your best completed work that will be used as advertising your inclusion into the Carnival of Ink. If more than two are provided, we will choose the two we feel are the best to advertise your abilities.

Booth applications will be sent to you via email for hand written completion upon your initial approval for entry into the Carnival of Ink.

Filling out a booth application or emailing us for info DOES NOT guarantee you a booth at the Carnival of Ink, but it does allow us to check out your business and websites for a possible invitation to purchase a booth at the Carnival of Ink.

If you have any questions about sponsorships please contact us at
There is a limited number of each package available.  Artists and studios are allowed to sponsor events and award categories AND attend the Carnival as working artists.

All tattoo artists and piercing artists are required to fill out a tattoo or piercing registration form that covers requirements for tattooing and piecring in the state and at the Expo. There are no exceptions to this under any circumtances.

Tattooing or piercing at the Carnival of Ink can be a great way to get your skills out there and noticed by a diverse audience of potential clientel. Attendees will be passing by your booth with intent to get tattooed BY YOU. Nobody attends a tattoo convention without wanting to do a little shopping or get a little ink.  Contact us with the form below or email us at for more info for inclusion into the Midwest Tattoo Convention, The Carnival of Ink.

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